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Cocktails, Crisis and Cockroaches : A Diplomatic Trail

Cocktails, Crisis and Cockroaches is an entertaining yet instructive account of the life and experiences of a frontline diplomat in a variety of countries. The realities and flavors of diplomatic life (including its frustration, risks and comedy) are interwoven with local color, travel and contemporary history in a lively manner. Background settings include: the security and intelligence problems in post-war Europe, the break in diplomatic relations with Iran in 1951, the first meeting of the UN General Assembly to be held in New York, Churchill’s second spell as Prime Minister, Washington during the Suez crisis, Thailand under Chinese Communist threat, West Germany in the "economic miracle" years, Libya at the time of the June War and the Ghadaffi Revolution, Hungary and East Germany during the Cold War.

James Reeve was awarded the CMG in 1982 after a post-war career in the Diplomatic Service spanning almost 40 years and three continents.

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