Using the life and work of one of the world's most accomplished diplomats, Sweden's Jan Eliasson, this provocative book offers a unique inside view of how modern diplomacy shapes world political debate and affects the outcome of major events and international relations. Ambassador Eliasson has provided diplomatic reporter John Shaw with up close access to his work for a year - his last in Washington as ambassador. Shaw has attended policy meetings with the Ambassador, watched him give speeches, host high-level receptions, and interact with other senior diplomats. Using Eliasson as the vehicle, "The Ambassador" delves into what modern diplomats really do and offers a unique, personal, behind-the-scenes glimpse of international statesmanship. Eliasson is of special interest because he was recently selected to be the president of United Nations General Assembly beginning in September, 2005. He will be in the news over the next several years.

John Shaw has been a senior reporter for Market News International since 1991 and a vice president since 1998. He has been a contributing reporter for the Washington Diplomat for the past eight years, for which he has written profiles of more than 100 diplomats. He appears regularly on C-SPAN to discuss issues under consideration by Congress, is frequently interviewed on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation about diplomacy in Washington, and does a weekly segment about Congress every Monday morning for KPCC, a public radio station in Pasadena, California. John Shaw is the author of Washington Diplomacy: Profiles of People of World Influence (Algora Publishing, 2002). He was a Media Fellow with the Hoover Institution in 2004 and 2005, and speaks frequently to military and diplomatic organizations about world politics and diplomacy. John lives in Washington, D.C.

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